Basic cleaning

Basic cleaning is a basic and practical need to make your home clean, airy, and smell amazing. Instead of rolling up your sleeves to clean and take care of your place. Let Calibee do it for you!

With Calibee:
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Meet all

The service you get is suitable for your needs. Calibee offers you a wide variety of home cleaning options, all customized to your requirements.

Cleaning solution
to every centimeter

Each room in your house has different cleaning needs. Our staff and advanced technology and processes ensure every nook and cranny gets the care it deserves.

What does basic cleaning service include?

Basic Cleaning


Basic Cleaning


Basic Cleaning

Bedroom, Living Room
& Common Area:

Basic Cleaning
Extra services (on request)

In addition to basic cleaning, we offer specialized cleaning services to cater to your special needs

Services outside the scope of a basic cleaning package

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