Cố gắng cân bằng giữa công việc và chăm sóc con cái có thể là một thách thức – ngay cả khi bạn đã có cho mình những kế hoạch tốt nhất. Trying to balance work and childcare can be challenging – even if you already have the best plans in place. A meeting out of the blue, an unexpected event, or a last-minute problem, instead of frantically calling friends and family for support, let Calibee arrange a babysitter for you in no time!

We connect you with childcare professionals based on the specific needs of each family. Our goal is to develop a relationship between the babysitter and the family to create a safe and reliable nurturing environment for your baby.

Calibee's babysitters are:
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Out commitment

  • Your privacy: Babysitters absolutely do not post any pictures of your child.
  • Your security: The sitter will not check-in and post any information or pictures on any type of social media.
  • Contact: Babysitters will only use smartphones in case of emergency and to communicate with parents or Calibee administrators about the children situation
  • Maximum concentration: Caregivers will limit as much as possible the use of the Internet on smartphones while the children are awake.

What does our Kiddocarer do?

  • They travel to the client's location to do babysitting services. This could be at a client's home, an event, or any other location specified by the client.
  • They accompany and keep children safe.
  • Children are engaged in fun games and activities as they play with them.
  • They bathe, feed, dress and ensure the child's cleanliness when necessary (mild hygiene).
  • They provide information and continuous updates to parents during the service period with supervision from administrators on duty.

Why us?


1. We are confident in childcare:

Each babysitter is carefully interviewed by our recruitment team and undergoes a thorough background/identity check. We only work with people with at least two years of recent professional childcare experience, in roles such as babysitters, kindergarten nurses, nannies, teachers, midwives and nurses Pediatrics.


2. Peace of mind:

Customers can read our feedback of each worker. That's why after each booking, we encourage parents to give an honest review of our service and each babysitter they meet. This allows us to continuously evaluate and appraise babysitters to ensure they meet the high standards of parental satisfaction we expect.


3. We'll do it all for you:

Understanding how busy family life can be, booking online babysitters is quick. Just tell us where and when you need childcare and we'll deliver an experienced professional to your address, whether you're at home or away.


4. We are here day or night:

Whether you're at home, with your family or on vacation, our staff can take care of your child at any time - day or night. Simply book service online and we'll take care of the rest.


5. Quick and easy to book:

Sometimes things are about to happen suddenly and you need help shortly. With easy online booking, we can send a childcare specialist to your door in as little as 60 minutes.


6. We're here to help:

We're not an anonymous app or website. Calibee's friendly team is all about parents, and we understand that you'll need this help at times, so you can count on the services Calibee provides.

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