Why do I need my air conditioner to be clean?

Fine particulate matter (PM2.5) is the most concerning air pollutant in Vietnam, which in turn decreases the quality of air. Dust accumulation on surfaces, and even beneath them, can lead to respiratory issues, especially for those with existing health problems.

To improve the indoor air quality and promote a healthy living or working environment, our comprehensive air conditioner cleaning services are the solution.
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Calibee's air conditioner cleaning service offer many benefits.

Không khí sạch cho sức khỏe tốt

Better, Cleaner and Cooler Air

The dust that has accumulated in your air conditioner can be released into the air and enter your respiratory system. By having your air conditioner cleaned regularly, you can avoid health problems.

Giảm thiểu hư hỏng

Reduced Breakdown

Dirt buildup may result in a variety of issues, including subpar cooling, frozen evaporator coils, and compressor overheating.

Không khí sạch cho sức khỏe tốt

Extended Lifespan of Air Conditioner

Get more value out of your air conditioner by having it deliver high-quality air, have a longer lifespan, operate at its peak efficiency, and use little energy.

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The role of Calibee's Technical Staff

Calibee has highly trained technicians who have been thoroughly screened.

Our air conditioner cleaning services use eco-friendly cleaning products sourced and we adhere to industry-standard service guidelines and follow a rigorous 6-step cleaning process.

You can confidently schedule an appointment for our air conditioner cleaning service knowing that you will receive the highest quality service.

Air Conditioner Cleaning Services Types

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Before beginning a deep cleaning, the technician will first remove the unit’s cover and cover the surrounding area with waterproof canvas.


Our service comes with a transparent pricing policy, a 12-step cleaning process, and a guarantee to compensate for any damages caused.

Máy lạnh Áp trần
Máy lạnh âm trần


Calibee uses a high-pressure water jet outfitted with two 0.9L detergent cans and years of cleaning expertise to get rid of all surface and subsurface dirt.

Ducted Type

Calibee handles cleaning, repair, and maintenance of air conditioners for all sizes of offices, residences, schools, and retail establishments.

Please call us at 1900 999 965 for a quotation.
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Column air

Rest assured that all of our technicians are licensed and have ample experience to give you peace of mind.

Standard Service Procedures

We provide expert air conditioner cleaning services with 12+ standard service indexes and a 6-step cleaning process that can eliminate bacteria and dust mites, improve cooling, and reduce electricity usage.





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After cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don’t have to as our skilled technicians come equipped with their own air conditioner cleaning detergents and necessary instruments.

Before beginning the cleaning process, our technicians will inspect and test the air conditioners’ functionality. Technicians will ask you if you still want the cleaning service and will inform you of any potential outcomes if your units are determined to be damaged or not suitable for cleaning (units have been in use for more than 10 years). Problems brought up by technicians during checks will not be covered by the three months of free maintenance if you decide to keep using the cleaning service.

Due to worker safety, technicians will only clean the indoor units of Split Air Conditioners. Customers are required to request cleaning for outdoor units in advance and to cover any additional costs, such as scaffolding, on their own. Please call: 1900 999 965 if you have any questions.

90-day maintenance is available for all Calibee Air Conditioner cleaning services (for problems caused by the cleaning service). Please note that we will not be responsible if technicians discover issues or faults that are not caused by our Air Conditioner cleaning service and are not covered under the warranty. Please contact us when necessary.

The cities/districts/counties/areas where Calibee's services provided are
Ho Chi Minh City

Thu Duc City | District 1 | District 2 | District 3 | District 4 | District 5 | District 6 | District 7 | District 8 | District 10 | District 11 | District 12 | Binh Chanh | Binh Tan | Binh Thanh | Go Vap | Phu Nhuan | Tan Binh | Tan Phu | Binh Chanh | Cu Chi | Hoc Mon | Nha Be | Thao Dien | Phu My Hung

Da Nang City

Hai Chau | Cam Le | Thanh Khe | Lien Chieu | Ngu Hanh Son | Son Tra | Hoa Vang | Hoang Sa

Types of Air-conditioner supported by Calibee

Wall-mounted | Ceiling-mounted | Cassette | Ducted Type | Column air

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