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A meal is not only a necessity but also a precious time for the family to gather after a hectic day. However, cooking a delicious meal can be difficult when you lead a busy daily life, especially if your family members have special dietary requirements. That’s why Calibee’s Home Cooking service is an excellent solution for every family.


What's Included in Calibee's In-Home Cooking Service?

1. Customized Meals

Whether you’re managing specific health conditions like cardiovascular diseases, obesity, or high cholesterol, or have dietary preferences such as vegetarianism, our skilled chefs will create meals tailored to your needs. Using the Calibee app, you can effortlessly communicate your preferences and guarantee that each family member, from children to the elderly, enjoys delicious and nourishing meals.

2. Safe and Clean Meals

Calibee cooks have been extensively trained in food safety regulations & nutrition knowledge to ensure you can enjoy safe, delicious meals. Depending on your preferences, we utilize the freshest ingredients sourced from local markets or even from your own refrigerator, avoiding excessive use of spices and additives during the cooking process. With our core belief “Your Health, Our Pride” trust us to provide the perfect balance of flavors and nutrients for a healthier and happier family.

3. Cleaning Kitchen & Food Storage

During and after the meal preparation process, in addition to ensuring food quality, our cooks also prioritize keeping the kitchen space clean and tidy. They will package and store the food in the refrigerator or freezer according to your preferences. Collaborators will complete their work in a clean and cozy kitchen, filled with the delightful aroma of freshly prepared dishes.

Not only delicious, but also healthy!


In Vietnam, according to statistics from the Ministry of Health, approximately 200,000 deaths occur annually due to cardiovascular diseases, accounting for 33% of total deaths, surpassing even cancer. Risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and arterial plaque development include smoking, overweight or obesity, lipid disorders (elevated serum cholesterol, triglycerides (TG), or both, or low HDL cholesterol levels contributing to arterial plaque development), high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Contrary to the notion that cardiovascular diseases only affect the elderly, the reality shows a higher incidence among young and middle-aged individuals than we might think (hypertension prevalence in adults aged 18-65 is 25%). Furthermore, there is a trend of younger individuals being affected, primarily due to an unhealthy diet, uncontrolled eating habits, and overreliance on pre-packaged meals among the younger and office-working demographics, contributing to these health issues.

At Calibee, we prioritize a nutritious eating regimen tailored to address customers' specific conditions, incorporating the following factors:

Calibee believes that a well-balanced meal should not only be flavorful but also ensure safety, hygiene, and nutritional adequacy. A healthy and safe diet is crucial in preventing cardiovascular issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, as well as other conditions like gout.

That’s why we ensure that Calibee cooks undergo comprehensive training in nutrition knowledge and culinary skills. This ensures that we meet your family’s specific requirements and health needs, which can be challenging to control when dining out.

Why choose Calibee cooks?

Let us handle the cooking for your family and provide you with tasty, nutritious, and safe meals. Calibee is dedicated to ensuring the utmost satisfaction for even the most selective eaters.

Dining Out

Frequently Asked Questions

The in-home cooking service package includes custom menu planning and meal preparation for lunch and dinner, based on the time and quantity you specify through the Calibee app. If you require additional services such as childcare or house cleaning, we recommend considering our other service packages such as Basic Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, etc.

If you would like the cooking partner to go grocery shopping for ingredients, you can select the “Grocery Shopping” option during the service booking process. The cost for this additional request (including shopping and transportation fees) will be discussed specifically when a partner takes on the job.

After preparing the meals, we will clean the kitchen and wash the cooking utensils used during the task. If you require assistance with dishwashing, we will need to request additional service time through the Calibee app.

If you request additional services such as grocery shopping or house cleaning, there may be applicable additional fees. All additional fees will be listed in the detailed payment form, so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected charges when making direct payments.

When you choose the Premium Cooking Package, you have the option to customize your meals according to special dietary requirements such as low-calorie, low-cholesterol, low-sodium, low-uric acid, vegetarian, or meals suitable for children or the elderly.

The Basic Cooking Package, on the other hand, does not include these customization options.

    Do you still have any questions?

    If the FAQ section of Calibee doesn't meet your needs, feel free to contact us for quick assistance!

    The cities/districts/counties/areas where Calibee's services provided are
    Ho Chi Minh City

    Thu Duc City | District 1 | District 2 | District 3 | District 4 | District 5 | District 6 | District 7 | District 8 | District 10 | District 11 | District 12 | Binh Chanh | Binh Tan | Binh Thanh | Go Vap | Phu Nhuan | Tan Binh | Tan Phu | Binh Chanh | Cu Chi | Hoc Mon | Nha Be | Thao Dien | Phu My Hung

    Da Nang City

    Hai Chau | Cam Le | Thanh Khe | Lien Chieu | Ngu Hanh Son | Son Tra | Hoa Vang | Hoang Sa

    Calibee's in-home cooking services include
    Heart-healthy cooking | Obesity/diabetes-friendly cooking | Gout-friendly cooking | Vegetarian cooking | Cooking for children/elderly
    We will provide consultation and prepare a menu tailored to your needs, including vegetarian, dietary restrictions, children/elderly meal plans, and special nutritional requirements for conditions such as cardiovascular diseases (obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, etc.), kidney issues, or gout. Additionally, we offer signature dishes from the Northern, Central, and Southern regions to cater to your family’s taste preferences. With the Calibee app, you can easily share your culinary preferences, nutritional requirements, and personal restrictions. We will create fully customized meals to meet all your specific requests.

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