Office/Building Cleaning

Calibee’s experts will help transform your office into a luxurious and elegant workspace. We always prioritize responsibility and put in our best effort to create a workspace that sparks creativity, positive work energy, and passion for work.

What does Calibee do for your business?
  • All our workers are carefully selected and highly trained
  • Reducing organization and operation costs for customers by:
    • Managing employee’s working schedules, leaves, and substitutions through Calibee’s application
    • Providing access to invoices, job reports, and quick payment processing
  • Supporting high-quality and environmentally friendly cleaning equipment and supplies.

What does office cleaning service include?

Calibee follows a high standard cleaning process, catering to the cleaning needs of offices/buildings of all sizes and types.
Vacuuming carpets
Polishing floors
Cleaning elevators/stairs
Cleaning restrooms
Cleaning and disinfecting door handles
Cleaning air conditioner vents
Cleaning and replacing trash can
Wiping down baseboards and painted surfaces
Cleaning working space and pantry
Dusting and polishing desks and shelves
The Importance of Office Cleaning
By keeping your office spotless, you can give off a good impression of your company and give your employees a pleasant place to work. Employee comfort and ease are increased as well as work productivity and desire to spend more time in the office by a tidy workspace.
Optimal Solutions for Cleaning Management
We are one of the leading companies using technological solutions to oversee the work of cleaning staff. Through the Calibee app, we give you the ability to manage the timing of employee check-ins, check-outs, and cleaning checklists for each day. You will receive a thorough report on the services used each month, which aids in streamlining operations and effectively and quickly managing all costs.

Why Calibee?

Freelance Cleaners
Cleaning Companies


Varying pricing
Lack of transparency
Online quotation with clear ricing

Other services

Cannot be verified
+16 services and many other functions

Background check

Cannot be verified
Strict screening, interview & training process


Self management
Self management
Work capacity and schedule control through an application

Customer satisfaction

No references
No references
An average 4.8-star review

Attendance rate

Leave, tardiness, absenteeism
Leave, tardiness, absenteeism
Punctual, having a replacement when needed

Enterprise portal

Managing, reviewing and tracking attendance easier

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    – Bulbs & Lighting equipment: this service will not include dry or wet cleaning light bulbs. Those are too fragile and require a more suitable service pack.

    – Garage & patio: this service will not include high-pressure cleaning. In case of necessity, our staff will offer some advice on additional service packages to meet the requirements for the job.

    – Exterior windows: in this package, our staff will clean the interior windows of the house to a moderate height. Windows with a height that requires the use of ladders will not be covered by this service package. Windows with a height that requires the use of ladders will not be covered by this service package.

    – Warehouse, high ceilings, air conditioning, and other electrical equipment.

    After completing the payment, you will receive a payment confirmation email. Calibee will then connect you with a suitable cleaning process based on your cleaning goals.

    – Hourly employees will work as scheduled, with a task list according to your requirements. Perform rough cleaning, surface cleaning from top to bottom, from inside to outside. Clean, wipe the surfaces of office desks, equipment, electronic devices in departments. Continue to clean glass doors, glass walls, floors, and entrance doors.

    – In addition, we also provide services such as office chair cleaning, office carpet washing, and cleaning of air conditioners when requested by customers.

    In case Calibee cannot find a suitable cleaner, you will receive a notification via phone call/email or through our application about unsuccessful booking. Your authorized payment will be refunded to the original payment method if you do not consider rescheduling.

    We always try to meet your needs with cleaning workers who will take care of your office the way we take care of ours. Whenever you need subscription office cleaning:

    – You can download and book a subscription cleaning schedule on the Calibee app: to manage, track your schedule and book appointments anytime, anywhere.

    – Or contact the hotline: 1900 999 965 for quick support from Calibee customer service department.

    You should prepare and provide cleaning tools in advance.

    If the tools are not available, Calibee encourages you to choose the “Collaborator brings cleaning tools” option when booking services (before the collaborator arrives), we will charge an additional VND 30,000 for these tools. Including:

    – Tools: brushes, dishwashing sponges, glass cleaning tools, multi-purpose towels, brooms mops.

    – Cleaning products: multi-purpose cleaning cream, floor cleaner/glass cleaner, toilet cleaner, dishwashing liquid.

    All Calibee’s services already include a 10% Value Added Tax. Therefore, if you want a VAT invoice, please follow the instructions below:

    – For direct service registration at Calibee: After payment, please contact our consultant and provide the necessary information to issue the VAT invoice.


    We only accepts VAT invoice requests within 48 hours of service registration.

    – For online booking through the app: Before clicking on the payment button, please add a note requesting a VAT invoice. After receiving the order, our customer service team will contact you to confirm the information and issue the VAT invoice.

    The cities/districts/counties/areas where Calibee's services provided are
    Ho Chi Minh City

    Thu Duc City | District 1 | District 2 | District 3 | District 4 | District 5 | District 6 | District 7 | District 8 | District 10 | District 11 | District 12 | Binh Chanh | Binh Tan | Binh Thanh | Go Vap | Phu Nhuan | Tan Binh | Tan Phu | Binh Chanh | Cu Chi | Hoc Mon | Nha Be | Thao Dien | Phu My Hung

    Da Nang City

    Hai Chau | Cam Le | Thanh Khe | Lien Chieu | Ngu Hanh Son | Son Tra | Hoa Vang | Hoang Sa

    Types of properties supported by Calibee
    Landed | High-Rise | Apartments | Villas | Offices | Buildings | Factories

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