Professional Post-Construction Cleaning in Ho Chi Minh City

At Calibee, we are aware that top-notch building projects must conclude with a thorough cleanup that leaves the site spotless and ready for use. Our post-construction cleaning services not only guarantee cleanliness but also enhance the outstanding quality of your project. We are prepared to tackle the most challenging cleanup tasks, helping you meet project deadlines and budgets.

With pride in expertly completing each and every detail, our team works diligently to complete this work. Every nook and cranny of your space will be left clean thanks to our thorough job checklist and inspection procedure.

Industrial post-construction cleaning offers several benefits

When to Use Post-Construction
Cleaning Services?

Our post-construction cleaning services are designed to address sanitation issues after the completion of renovation/construction projects, including:

Please take note that scheduling the cleaning service comes after the construction is finished. Our post-construction cleaning team will also need access to electricity and water in order to complete the job. Please keep in mind that this is an hourly service, so in order to give you a precise time estimate, we would need to know the size of the area and the condition of your project, which might necessitate an assessment survey. If the cleaning staff requires additional time or completes the job faster than the estimated time, we will adjust the price accordingly.

Our Process

Get a Quote and Schedule

Once the customer contacts us, we promptly conduct a site survey and provide a quick quote. Scheduling will be arranged based on the customer’s requirements.

Customize Your Post-Construction Cleaning Service

Feel free to select additional services such as carpet and upholstery cleaning, exterior window cleaning (Spider-Man), and more, according to your preferences

Leave the Rest to Calibee

We will bring the best equipment, tools, and cleaning products to tackle every speck of dust, paint, and residue left after construction.

Enjoy a Fresh and Clean Space

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for a fresh, clean space awaits you in every corner, ready for you and your family to create beautiful moments and lasting memories.


Top-notch Post-Construction Cleaning Experts

Post-construction cleaning is more than just dealing with dust. It requires knowledge of proper handling of hazardous waste, cleaning and polishing newly installed floors and walls. Think of post-construction cleaning as proofreading a book: it might be the final step, but it is crucial to ensure the finished product meets expectations.

Scope of Work

Post-construction cleanup typically includes:
Removing dust, dirt, and debris from all surfaces
Cleaning off paint splatters, remaining cement/mortar residue
Clearing construction waste such as wood scraps, metal, nails, wires, and other leftover materials
Vacuuming and wiping down woodwork, fixtures, and decorative lights
Wiping down baseboards, gates, door frames, window frames, and handles
Cleaning tiled structures, including floor or wall tiles
Removing stickers and labels from any construction items
Wiping down electrical appliances and control panels
Ensuring your entire house/space is clean after the construction process.

Customize Your Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Post-construction cleaning goes beyond just dealing with dust and debris. It involves expertise in handling hazardous waste, as well as cleaning and polishing newly finished floors and walls. Think of post-construction cleaning as proofreading and editing a book: it may be the final step, but it’s crucial to ensure the finished product meets the expected standards.

During the cleaning process, our staff will use industrial-grade vacuum cleaners and floor scrubbers to remove as much accumulated dust/cement residues as possible. Dirt from paint and mortar will be tackled with the assistance of specialized cleaning agents to dissolve and remove them. All windows or glass within the property will be vacuumed and cleaned from the inside.

However, for more specific projects, you can customize your post-construction cleaning by adding additional services such as:

Exterior window cleaning (spider-man)
Deep cleaning
Carpet/upholstery cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed, this task requires physical labor. The construction process is messy and leaves behind dust, debris, wood scraps, metal, nails, wires, and other materials. The main priority of a construction team is to deliver a safe and structurally sound project that meets technical requirements. Cleaning is not their responsibility, although a dedicated contractor may perform some minor cleanup tasks. Even when a construction project is considered “finished,” there can still be several days of cleaning work remaining. This includes cleaning appliances, removing leftover debris, vacuuming, wiping surfaces, cleaning windows and stone countertops. If you’re expecting to see a completely “finished product” after construction ends, you might be disappointed.

That’s why we recommend hiring a professional team to handle the post-construction cleanup.

House cleaning services are suitable for light cleaning or routine maintenance. On the other hand, post-construction cleaning, as mentioned, is performed after completing property renovations, construction work, and similar activities. The cleaning partner specializes in handling construction-related debris and adjustments, equipped with the necessary cleaning agents to tackle the situation. However, the cleaning team will need access to hot water and electricity to carry out the service to professional standards.

No, our team will take care of this, and it is already included in the service price.

We use specialized cleaning agents designed for use in residential and commercial buildings. These might not be available in retail stores, ensuring their quality. However, if you have specific sensitivities to certain cleaning agents, please let us know.

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