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Customer Testimonials

Genuine sharing from satisfied customers.

Customer evaluations regarding Calibee’s services from all around the world are the most credible and assured testimonials. If you still have concerns about us, check out these reviews from Calibee customers.

T.A Kitchen’s Restaurant Owner

Calibee's initiative at work is one of the aspects of which I am pleased. I didn't require much direction during the cleaning process; the maid followed a fair procedure, and each operation was precise and professional.

CEO of Tech Town

Calibee, the first application, is highly professional, replies promptly, and I can easily build a good plan for my spare time. The staff person arrived on time and cleaned up to my specifications without much direction.

Marketing Manager

Because the Calibee application is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use, the procedure of getting the service and arranging for cleaning is quite smooth. Because I have a cat, cleaning must be more thorough than normal, and Calibee has exceeded my expectations.


I don't have time to clean since I'm too busy, but with Calibee, my 2-bedroom studio apartment is cleaned, clothes are laundered, and the house is neatly arranged for less than 200k. Really handy and comfy!

Sales Director of CME Solar

They tackled everything from the floors to the windows, from the easy to those hard-to-reach spots, leaving no surface untouched. The strongest impression was the level of attention they gave to details. I couldn't be happier with the results.

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