What makes us different?

Calibee is a super app connecting individuals and businesses with skilled service providers. We provide a comprehensive solution for your daily life, offering a wide range of convenient services for homes and offices, including installation and repair, basic cleaning, and deep care.

About us

Our commitment

About us

Benefits of becoming Calibee's partners:

  • Salary increases are evaluated regularly and transparently according to quality of work.
  • Quick and prompt responses are provided by support staff.
  • An absolute guarantee of work, income, as well as health, education, and financial security.

About us

Benefits of Calibee’s customers:

  • Easily access service catalogs and workers lists wherever you are.
  • Ensure that you have the necessary information about the workers at your fingertips.
  • Provide full information about the experience, training certificate or assessment of the quality of the maid's work.

About us

Our Team

Calibee is committed to transparency, safety, and professionalism. We utilize a modern information management system to evaluate and authenticate the professionalism of our service providers. Each service provider pledges to deliver the best results and prioritizes responsibility as a fundamental criterion to ensure customer satisfaction.

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